Monday, November 03, 2008

Obamahood and his merry congressmen

Take from the rich to give to the poor. Sound familiar? Who thought it would become a campaign strategy in the United States? Comparing our Democracy to dictatorships is extreme. Rather, Socialistic-minded democracies like Sweden or Spain where taxation rules the day in order to support public services. But no, our slide into Social warfare will be much more subtle. So much so that to argue against the Democratic party's initiatives will be viewed as greedy or even cruel to the poor, helpless people their programs would aid. We are about 12 hours away from knowing how difficult our fight for freedom has become.


It's the only true power we have left.

On the military... Should Barack Obama become President he has said he will remove troops from Iraq. Does anyone remember the Iran-Iraq war? I have no doubt should we remove our forces from Iraq that within 12 months Iran will take our place and the Iraqi situation will worsen bringing once again the security of the middle-east to the forefront. Furthermore, he has committed to increasing the ranks of troops in Afghanistan. Expect this to go poorly as well, although in some ways a more aggressive stance with Pakistan is probably needed. Afghanistan is bordered by Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, China, and Tajikistan. Russia spent a decade mired in this country leaving in a stale-mate at best and in failure for certain.

I fully expect that with a "dove" in the White House we will see his entire term dominated by foreign security issues as we witnessed with Carter and Clinton. Letting the Middle-east fall into chaos again is not acceptable until we are completely free from middle-eastern oil.

To those who don't think it can get worse than it is; it can.

Our economy was tanking by 1999. In spite of Y2K and 9/11 we were able to recover somewhat until last year. Economies run in cycles. Politicians have increasingly gotten in the way of free-market cycles through over legislating fixes to regulate these cycles. Unlike Karl Marx I don't believe in exploiting the upper class for the benefit of the labor class.

Remember how shitty things were with Nixon, Ford, and Carter? Hold on to your ass 'cause it's gonna be a rough ride.

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