Sunday, November 20, 2005

Photo Friday - Imperfection

Photo Friday - Imperfection
Originally uploaded by ddurbin123.
I wanted to pee in some pure white snow, take a picture of it and submit that for photo Friday, but alas, I have no snow to pee in.


beetlecat said...

You make no snow sound like a bad thing. Well, you can come up here and pee all you want! And I'll go where ever there is nothing pristine to pee upon.
Can you write your name in the snow?
Gotta get a pic of that!

Ethan said...

Nice shot !! You look very much like a guy who used to be my doctor.

dave said...

@beetlecat - i was trying to think of something pristine to spoil, and snow came to mind -

@ethan - never been a doctor - in real life nor on TV ;-)